• Zone 2 PT


Zone 2 SD ( Standard )

The Gen Ex Zone 2 SD Diesel Generators are designed to include components which are all certified as suitable for Zone II (G) Group II Cat 3.

The Zone 2 SD Generators are typically used for short to medium term offshore use or for mobile type applications.


The Gen Ex Design Zone 2 SD unit is designed for mobile applications or short to medium term offshore requirements of durations up to five years. The weatherproof sound attenuated canopy is provided primarily for noise attenuation and light protection of the components within. The canopy is not designed for long term or fixed installation use in an offshore location, however all internal components are of a high IP rating and therefore they do not require weather protection.

The unit is designed as a simple standalone solution for providing portable power in a Hazardous Area, while meeting the regulatory and safety requirements of the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive.

The engine flame protection conversion includes a flame trap fitted on the exhaust outlet, this flame trap requires regular maintenance and subject to the operating load applied, this may require cleaning every two days and therefore such units are not suitable for continuous operation applications.

If the unit is required to operate on a long term continuous basis, we can offer alternative solutions to allow the removal of the flame trap while still providing a system which will meet the regulatory requirements of the applicable Hazardous Area Directives.

For Long Term Offshore requirements of ten years plus, Gen Ex Design can provide Project Specific Generator Packages designed to meet your exact requirements, for pricing and information on these please contact our sales team.

Zone 2 SD Specification

The Gen Ex Design Zone 2 SD Diesel Generators are designed to include the following components.

  • Rated engine with mechanical or electrical governing.
  • Engine Flame Protection package to meet T3 requirements including
    • Air Intake Shutdown Valve.
    • Air Intake Filter.
    • Exhaust Gas Cooling System
    • Stainless Steel Exhaust Silencer and Spark Arrestor
    • Over Speed Shutdown
  • Alternator Certified Type EEx nA II T3 IP 55/56 For use in Zone 2 Hazardous Areas.
  • Integral fuel tank allowing a minimum of 12 hrs running @ 100% load.
  • Weatherproof Sound Attenuated enclosure to 85dBA @ 1 metre
  • Manual pneumatic start system.
  • ATEX Compliant Ex d Generator Control Panel including rated circuit breaker, with metering
  • Bunded base unit.
  • EE x e output hard wire connection point.
  • Certification as per ATEX 94/9/EC


  • Electric start system including Ex batteries, Charger, and starter motor
  • Pneumatic Start system
Zone 2 SD Diesel Generator in DNV 2.7.1 lift Frame

Zone 2 SD Hazardous Area Generator including DNV Lift Frame

Zone 2 PT ( Project )

The Gen Ex Project Specific Zone 2 PT Generators are designed to include components which are all certified as suitable for Zone II (G) Group II Cat 3.

Our Project Specific Zone 2 PT are supplied for long term fixed installation use offshore.


The Gen Ex Design Zone 2 PT unit is designed for long term offshore requirements of durations of ten years plus. The unit is designed and packaged specifically for the clients’ application and to meet the client derived engineering standards.

The generator enclosures can be designed from various materials, such as mild steel, stainless, steel or aluminum.

Higher Enclosure IP ratings can be provided, including segregated ventilation systems to minimize moisture ingress or provide ducted air to and from a safe area if the application requires.

Control Systems are designed for the application and can feature PLC or Digital Module based logic, including remote telemetry and interface.

Fire and Gas Detection and Fire Extinguishing systems can be integrated to the enclosure design.

Duty Standby systems can be provided to provide autonomous power on remote or unmanned platform applications.

Client specific SDRL or VDRL Documentation can be provided.

Third Party or Notified Body Approval and Certification as required.


The Gen Ex Design Zone 2 PT Diesel Generators are designed to include components which are all certified as suitable for use in the Zone 2 Zone II (G) Group II Cat 3

The Gen Ex Design Zone 2 PT Diesel Generators can also accommodate the following design features

  • IP 56 Enclosures manufactured from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.
  • Removable Side Panels or Double Hinged Doors.
  • Purged, ventilated or pressured enclosures.
  • Duct and exhaust systems to remote or safe areas
  • Pneumatic or Electric Powered Main Ventilation Air Inlet and Outlet Dampers
  • Two Stage Coalescor Filtration on Main Ventilation Air Inlet
  • Segregated Engine Combustion Air Intake with Coalescor Filtration
  • Battery Isolator with remote operation and trip facility.
  • PLC or Digital Module Control.
  • Fire and Gas Detection System integrated to Generator Control Panel including Safe Shutdown
  • Fire and Gas Extinguishing System.
  • Extended Service Interval oil top up tank with automatic oil level maintainer.
  • Remote Operation and Monitoring.
  • Pneumatic electric or hydraulic start systems.
  • Integrated Load bank Systems
C1 D2 Project Specific IP56 Generator1
Project Specific IP55 Ex content-1

Zone 2 PT Hazardous Area Generator


Hazardous Area Generators

Gen Ex Design Hazardous Area Equipment may be designed to comply with Standards or Directives such as.

  • ATEX 94/9/EC
  • Class 1 Division 2 Groups C,D.
  • NEC
  • IECEx 60079
  • Zone 2 IIB, IIA
  • Det Norske Veritas. DNV 2.7.2